Monday, July 26, 2010

The Cotton Ear Buddha

The Meeting leading to the Marshall-Ward Plan ......(top secret)


...and sisters

A line of stars

myself, teresa & uncle vincent

three steps to heaven

... and the stars paid a fuel bill

...and the stars paid a light bill

dancing rings around us

the rings of saturn

Tonsil stretching

Singing Elixir

"I didn't know you could sing"

"I CarrrrrrRn't"

Kara-oke? what Kara-oke? WE got Dou-ble Gla-zing

Shauny & Cheresa

The 3 Degrees

The Two Tops

Shaun & the Sunshine Band

Michaela Diva

A night at the Opera

not reading labels can lead to sobriety

Cousins in Aylestone